Publisher’s Viewpoint October 2016


By Chase

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to the fall season!

As I am writing the column, the hot and humid weather of summer disappeared overnight and I am contemplating closing my windows as it gets colder. I am hoping some warm weather returns again so we can enjoy a few more days in the sun.

Plans are under way for my family dinners for this Thanksgiving. I will be traveling to London with my girlfriend and her sons and then returning to host them and my boys on Thanksgiving Monday. A lot has changed for me in the past few years but I have lots to be thankful for: friends, health, family and new extended family. What are you thankful for? What are you reflecting on this time of year?

Over the next few weeks. the weather will continue to change and many construction projects across southern Ontario are moving quickly to ensure their projects are enclosed before interior work starts this winter. I do not envy the labourers on the really cold days. Thank goodness for propane construction heaters. Early forecasts say we are in for a lot of snow and cold weather due to increased temperatures this summer and the lakes being warmer.

What projects are you currently working on that are wrapping up in the next three months? Let me know and we can work together to profile it in an upcoming issue of the GTA Construction Report or the Ontario Construction Report. Do you work on projects outside of Ontario? If so we can profile you in our national magazine, the Canadian Design & Construction Report

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the GTA Construction Report, Ontario Construction Report and the Canadian Design and Construction Report.  

Chase currently serves on the Niagara Construction Association’s board of directors on several committees and also volunteers in his community as the sponsorship director for the Niagara Spears Football Association. He can be reached at (905) 228-1151, by email at  or visit


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