Fieldgate Construction completes Thornbury Sobey’s Foodland with community, local government collaboration


The GTA Construction Report Special Feature

Foodland location in Thornbury near the picturesque Blue Mountains. Fieldgate Construction built the 34,000 sq. ft. store, plus adjacent 8,000 sq. ft. LCBO with significant collaboration from the community and local government.

Local media coverage before construction started referenced the project’s complexity, the benefit to residents and visitors and assurances from local government about its sustainability and long-term outlook.

Among the complexities were road and other infrastructure work that had to be completed before the construction could begin. Local media reported an estimated road works cost of $2.8 million, noting: “There are road improvements and underground works required, which includes widening Arthur St. W., moving a high pressure gas line, increasing the sewer pipe size and improving the storm water management features in the area.”

Work also included sidewalks and a continued downtown theme of street lighting, according to reports. Development charges were to be shared in part by a Macs Convenience development across the street.

News reports said both projects were subject to the town’s Community Design Guidelines, requiring “high levels of design and architectural detail including landscaping and natural stone elements that will extend the character of the downtown core to their locations.”

Fieldgate Construction’s project manager James Ricchetti says the location incorporates higher end finishes than many locations, including Cape Cod siding, which adds the exterior feel the town wanted.

Finishing landscaping, including a variety of natural vegetation, will be installed once weather permits later this spring. .

He said Fieldgate is proud to have been part of this one-stop shop for the community and it, as with other work with Sobey’s, went well despite the complexity. “We complete two or three Sobey’s locations a year. They are a great client who, through their own construction department, ensure projects run well from all ends.”

The town’s official website noted: “The town is very excited about this project and the economic development potential of offering our residents and visitors a modern shopping experience within the historical charm of the Town of Thornbury.”


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