Pape Station Transit-Oriented Community: A new mixed-use development in Toronto

pape station toronto

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The Pape Station Transit-Oriented Community (TOC) is an ambitious mixed-use development that will be built above the Toronto Subway Line at the Pape Station interchange in Toronto. The project will transform the area into a vibrant and sustainable community that seamlessly integrates residential, retail, and public spaces.

Architects SvN have designed the project for Infrastructure Ontario.

The Pape Station TOC will consist of two distinct but complementary developments, each designed with a harmonious architectural language that will complement the urban fabric of the city. The north site, located on Gertrude Place, will feature a seven-storey building with 25 residential units and vital retail space at ground level. The south site, located on Lipton Ave, will include two seven- and two-nine-storey mixed-use buildings with a total of 414 residential units. The buildings will be designed to blend seamlessly into the urban fabric of the city and will feature mid-rise and high-rise buildings.

The Pape Station TOC will add 439 residential units and 2,150 sq. m. of new retail space to the area. The development will also include a mix of mid-rise and high-rise buildings, as well as streetscape and public realm improvements. More than 30 homes and businesses along Danforth, Lipton, and Eaton Avenues would be torn down to make way for the complex.

The project is committed to the Toronto Green Standard and will incorporate green roofs and other sustainable building practices. Materials such as low-emission glass, energy-efficient cladding systems, and sustainably sourced wood for the interior finishes will play a crucial role in achieving these environmental goals.

The construction of the Pape Station TOC project will be challenging, as the site is located in a densely populated area. The project will also be required to minimize disruption to the surrounding community during construction. The Pape Station TOC project is expected to be completed in 2027.

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