Tarion introduces materials in Punjabi

Tarion Punjabi

Tarion Warranty Corporation is now offering information about the statutory new home warranty in Punjabi. Two publications – the warranty brochure and an informational video – are currently available on Tarion.com and are being distributed, beginning in the Brampton area. This is part of the first round of multilingual materials launched by Tarion, in addition to Canada’s official languages.

“Buying a new home can be a complicated process. We hope that providing materials in multiple languages will help make the process easier for all new home buyers,” says Siloni Waraich, vice-president of stakeholder engagement for Tarion Warranty Corporation. “We look forward to expanding our multilingual materials in 2016, to continue to be more responsive to Ontario’s changing marketplace and to reach more new home owners,” said Waraich.

Tarion engages in regular outreach to communities across the province to ensure the warranty needs of new home buyers continue to be met. Tarion partnered with the City of Brampton to launch these educational materials, and make them widely available to the city’s Punjabi-speaking community by sharing them with community leaders and local media.

“I would like to thank Tarion for this ground-breaking initiative that will provide much-needed consumer protection and education to Punjabi speaking individuals who are purchasing a new home in Peel,” says Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey.

Tarion will soon be publishing additional multi-language materials in Farsi and Mandarin.


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