Gene Stodolak takes helm as new Niagara Construction Association executive director


GTA Construction Report staff writer

The Niagara Construction Association (NCA) has selected Gene Stodolak as its new executive director.

A media release announcing the appointment describes Stodolak as an energetic visionary with a passion for knowledge transfer; as a leader in the fields of construction and project management, applied science and engineering technology, and association management; and dedicated to impacting the wellbeing of his profession and community.

Stodolak says part of his focus moving forward will be on strengthening the development and renewal of the NCA team – of the board, the staff and growing the association, with the goal of providing greater opportunity for added value to members. Part of that will involve cultivating opportunities to engage with not only potential new members but also past members, to find out what they wanted from the NCA, and then to engage and challenge them to help make the change they want to see for the betterment of all.

His background in the college environment and co-operative education means he is also focused on our future young leaders, both attracting them and enhancing available opportunities.        Stodolak is already involved with several initiatives with the separate school board and post secondary institutions focused on co-operative opportunities and internship programs. He has also publicly challenged local employers to hire co-op students. “It is important for the sustainability of business, and of the industry, to find ways to attract, engage and retain young people.”

Mentorship and evolving relationships, he says, is key to retention, beyond creating the initial opportunity.

Stodolak’s leadership mantra is an acronym: (L)isten, (E)nergy, (A)dvocacy, (D)edication, (E)mpathy, (R)esourcefulness, (S)tewardship, (H)armony, (I)ntegrity, and (P)artnership that he hopes will better engage and connect him to members for the benefit of the association as a whole.

Beyond greater engagement with members, old and new, and the NCA’s young leaders, Stodolak is also focused on forming collaborative business, education and government relationships and partnerships. “It is important to engage with other associations, organizations and regions and to look at opportunities across the province, across the country, and even our global community.”

At the end of the day, collaboration opportunities often relate to economic development, which is a win-win for members, strengthening the region, province and nation.

Stodolak is past president of a number of architectural and engineering technology associations and foundations and has served on several provincial and national standards committees. His professional experience in construction and project management includes Mohawk College, McMaster University and several architectural and engineering firms.


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