Waterfront Toronto issues RFP to develop 4.9 hectare eastern waterfront area Quayside site


Waterfront Toronto has issued an RFP to develop Quayside, a 4.9 hectare (12 acre) site in Toronto’s eastern Lake Ontario waterfront area.

The agency says on its RFP website page that “Quayside is ideally suited to pilot new solutions – such as emerging infrastructure models, building technologies and industry partnerships – to common urban challenges, including the imperative to address climate change and the increasing disparity in housing affordability. Our aim is to establish Quayside as an international showcase that will validate innovative solutions for inclusive housing, improved energy conservation and carbon reduction, resiliency, job growth and design excellence.”

“At this stage Waterfront Toronto is seeking innovation and technology partners, equity investors and infrastructure-oriented funds to help initiate the business plan and phasing strategy for Quayside. Vertical real estate development partners, such as developers, architects, planners and contractors, will be sought through subsequent RFPs.”

The RFP submission deadline is April 27 at 2 p.m. EDT.  There is an optional briefing session at 10 a.m. on March 30 at Waterfront Toronto’s Office (20 Bay Street, Suite 1310, Toronto, ON, M5J 2N8).  Proponents who intend to participate in this meeting, either in person or via Skype for Business 2015, should notify Waterfront Toronto immediately by email to: quayside@waterfrontoronto.ca.

Image from the Waterfront Toronto Quayside RFP site

“Quayside will provide a significant opportunity to generate prosperity by continuing to build the emerging technology-based economic hubs on the waterfront, including employers and job creators in the green technology, film and television production, digital media and information technology sectors,” Waterfront Toronto says in its RFP announcement. “Quayside will also benefit from Canada’s first open-access, ultra-high-speed broadband community network, which is currently giving residential and business users access to advanced fibre-optic technology that delivers internet connection speeds that are exponentially faster than standard networks.”

“The RFP seeks a partner which will help create and realize an unparalleled vision for Quayside, and to materially contribute to project funding. The partner could be an individual organization, a joint venture, consortium or other legal arrangement. The fair, open and transparent process – which includes advice from a committee of external subject matter experts and approval by Waterfront Toronto’s Board of Directors – is anticipated to select a partner by mid-summer, to be followed by negotiations between Waterfront Toronto and the successful partner on the longer-term vision for Quayside. In subsequent stages, Waterfront Toronto and the Partner will engage the market more broadly to secure infrastructure design and delivery partners, as well as development partners.”



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