Solar LED lights up Grand Valley Park at might

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The City of Pickering recently installed its first solar powered lights in the parking lot of Grand Valley Park, located on Third Concession Rd., west of Valley Farm Rd.

The two new lights will not only enhance the safety and security of the parking area, but also illuminate the upper leash-free dog park, allowing for extended playtime for dogs and their owners during the winter months, the city announced in a news release

This initiative is guided by the city’s Corporate Energy Management Plan, which outlines a 5-year action plan to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimize the City’s environmental footprint.

“The lights are motion activated, and can be controlled remotely from a computer,” explains Rob Gagen, supervisor, parks operations. “This allows for optimal light when motion is detected, such as a car pulling up to the lot or person entering the park, otherwise, light output is controlled to extend battery life and to ensure there is sufficient lighting when needed.”

The photovoltaic panels generate and store solar power within built-in batteries, which then power LED lights during the night.

The benefits of using LED technology compared with the City’s conventional street lighting include reduced cost, maintenance and energy consumption, and enhanced reliability and lifespan.

Staff are currently developing standards for LED exterior light fixture replacements and new installs for street lamps and signals, parks, walkways and parking lots.

Visit to learn more about the city’s Corporate Energy Management Plan.


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