Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre installing new green roof


Work continues on the installation of a new green roof on the Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre expansion.

It is deemed to be the largest vegetated roof on a single, free standing commercial structure in the GTA.

According to a news release, the 9,500 square metre Xeroflor vegetated roof puts Sherway on the cutting edge environmentally and makes it a living example of “being green.”

“We chose the XF301 green roof system as part of the Sherway Gardens expansion because of the key benefits it offers,” stated Andy Traynor, general manager at Sherway Gardens. “Our new 102,000 square foot green roof will help slow storm-water runoff from the roof, benefitting both the city and the environment. The green roof also played a role in ensuring that our expansion was LEED certified.”

The XF301 Sedum Standard is one of the lightest green roof systems available with a high “water retention-to-weight ratio”. Sherway’s green roof is 12 pounds per square foot (59 kg/M2) fully saturated and retains 1.5″ inch of rainfall (36L/M2).

One impetus for Toronto becoming greener has been the successful partnership between building owners and the city. In addition to the city’s Green Roof Bylaw, the Eco Roof Incentive Program offers grants to install a green roof.


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