Looking down and into the old Niagara Falls Hydro generating station


GTA Construction Report Staff writer

What is it like to visit a decommissioned hydro power plant and head down – safely?

Workers from Rankin Construction in St. Catharines have this challenge, as they investigate for Parks Canada the Horseshoe Falls (Niagara) Generating Station.  Parks Canada is considering working with developers to re-purpose the structure, while respecting its heritage.

Bruce Buldoc, president of Construction Workplace Safety Training Inc., received the contract to train the crews in suspended access requirements.k

“Scafom Canada had installed a swing stage at a height of approximately 180 ft. above the landing,” Bolduc said. “We shad to inspect and safely operate this equipment at 180 ft. in the air.”

“Each participant musth have completed an approved CPO ‘Working at Heights’ training program” and must demonstrate knowledge, inspect the equipment, perform a self-rescue before starting work.

“The opportunity to see this facility in it[‘s current state was a rare honour,” Bolduc said.  “History was displayed as it was left and the beauty of the architecture was something to behold.”


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