EOS Mechanical Inc. specializes in backflow prevention systems, compliance


Brampton based EOS Mechanical Inc. has taken the lead in a specialized service – backflow prevention. Back by 15 years’ experience, the company provides a full range of services to property owners from installation to repair and including testing and cross-connection control surveys.

Founder Steve Spagnolo says: “We believe strongly in protecting the integrity of our potable water system. We are all water consumers and we believe this is a virtue we all share so our focus and commitment is to this.”

He says the company focuses on the regulations and bylaws surrounding backflow prevention in Ontario, and the requirements property owners must meet.

“We take care of the entire process, from obtaining a permit to submitting test reports, coordinating inspection and conducting annual testing as required.”

He says this is also what makes the company unique. Rather than providing backflow as one of many services, EOS Mechanical maintains this as its core business.

“Not all licensed plumbers are certified to test backflow preventer devices,” he said. “Due to the nature of the backflow industry and the bylaws that surround it, property owners benefit from a contractor that is licensed and certified to provide complete service and has the experience working within their municipality to ensure compliance with bylaws.”

Spagnolo says EOS Mechanical works with small and large commercial, institutional, industrial and high-rise facilities. “It is always a pleasure to get to see the many great and unique businesses our clients operate within the GTA and surrounding areas, from airports to restaurants, convention centres, funeral homes, fitness centres, condominiums, town home complexes and parks just to name a few.”

Many of the company’s customers, he says, may have a plumbing contractor assigned to routine maintenance and repair on their facilities. This does not mean that the contractor is qualified to install a backflow preventer device that meets proper building code regulation or is certified to conduct backflow preventer testing after installation, repair or annually.

“Although hiring a qualified backflow specialist is mandatory, finding one that is reliable, knowledgeable, experienced, has integrity and produces quality workmanship is not. Most of our business comes from customer referrals, which is a true testament to the service we provide. We let our work speak for itself. By focusing on backflow prevention, our goal is to become the industry leader.”

EOS Mechanical also offers free site checks on installations when quoting projects and ensures that the backflow specialist who conducts the site check is the same person to provide service and see them through the entire process. “They can also expect to deal with the same person for annual testing and inspection the following year.”

Rather than following generic pricing templates, jobs are priced according to the work each customer requires.

The company also offers flexible working hours to meet the needs of customers’ business operations.

Some of the company’s projects include installing and testing backflow devices for newly constructed and existing facilities, testing uninstalled devices for watermain companies, and taking care of multiple properties for property management and fire sprinkler companies.

Spagnolo says EOS Mechanical recently signed up with DataBid. He says the service will help the company to connect to the projects happening within its service area “so we can connect with those who require our services.”

For more information, visit www.eosmechanical.ca.


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