DataBid client profile: DDMLighting offers true full-service lighting system design

databid client profile

Founded six years ago in response to the need for low-cost but high-quality and innovative lighting design in residential and commercial markets, DDMLighting has quickly evolved into a unique lighting system design company, providing comprehensive solutions and addressing lighting challenges.

Founders Dino Chantziaras and Jay Parker combined their complementary skills, based on a desire to better serve GTA design and construction professionals.

Parker, president, says the team quickly defined its strategy – utilizing technology and the Internet, rather than an expensive showroom, to illustrate lighting concepts and opportunities.

While the company focuses on a few key product lines the team knows to be reliable, it is open to sourcing from appropriate manufacturers to deliver the correct fixture/system based on specific project requirements.

Quality and innovative design are critical elements of the DDMLighting approach, as is the end-to-end service experience for clients including design, supply, install co-ordination and system commissioning.

Chantziaras says the company believes the comprehensive service to be unique in the industry for clients, who can focus on other areas of their project while the lighting is under DDMLLighting’s care.

“We focus on the design, delivery, and installation co-ordination of lighting systems and return to the project site after the install has been done to fine tune if needed. This ensures that the as-designed lighting system is executed according to our plan.”

The team works primarily with architects, interior designers, general contractors and electricians, providing solutions based on their lighting expertise. Parker says that while architects and designers will engage with the company early in a project, with general contractors and electricians, the need usually comes later and involves troubleshooting lighting problems requiring specialized lighting and switching knowledge.

The DDMLighting brand is integral to the solutions. Chantziaras says that DDMLLighting is particular about the products to specify and supply, but retains complete independence, as no product line can deliver for every lighting need and challenge. “We understand that our customers are better served by an open mind, and eye, to the particular needs of each project.”

Designing lighting systems from the front of a property to the back, from top to bottom,and integrating with home automation systems, the team has worked on projects ranging from custom-built residential to high-end restaurants, to commercial projects, and has worked internationally.

“We select the product, deliver it to the site, work with the electrician on the layout and install plan, and take responsibility for after install service. All of this gives the electrician and the general contractor, and ultimately the client, peace of mind,” says Parker.

The company recently signed on with DataBid to identify projects early and offer solutions when they can save a team time and money. “Even a basic solution well thought out in advance can save a project significantly. Where there are potential issues and we can get to the heart of those issues before work begins, the clients can save even more,” Parker said.

He adds that many more projects are recognizing that innovative, high-quality and functional design means integrating all of the various components from the start, and that naturally includes a good lighting system solution.

DDMLighting recently added a new partner to expand its service area, ensuring meaningful interactions with clients across the board. For more information, visit


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