70,000 building Inspections in 2020: Ensuring a safe Mississauga


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The City of Mississauga says its building inspectors completed approximately 70,000 building inspections and ensured that building permit review timelines were maintained at pre-COVID levels.

“As Mississauga continues to develop and grow, the health and safety of our residents remain our first priority,”  Mayor Bonnie Crombie said in a statement.

“The work of our building inspectors to ensure the building code is followed is the best way to make sure that what is built in Mississauga is safe for everyone. With just over 70,000 inspections completed in 2020, our inspectors kept construction going, even under the challenges of COVID-19. As we recognize Building Safety Month, I’d like to acknowledge the critical work that our building inspectors undertake on a daily basis.”

The building permit process ensures that buildings in Mississauga comply with the standards of the Ontario Building Code and the Building Code Act. Technicians and/or engineers examine and approve building plans. Building inspectors make sure that the work is up to standard.

“Maintaining construction activity and processing building permits are key to supporting the continued growth and recovery of Mississauga,” said Andrew Whittemore, Commissioner of Planning and Building. “By leveraging our digital services and investments, particularly our ePlans system, the development and building process continues efficiently in Mississauga.”

During May, the City of Mississauga joins with other communities around the world to recognize Building Safety Month. The international campaign advocates for modern and regularly-updated building codes through the promotion of building safety events and activities.

“Thanks to their professionalism and dedication to safety, our inspectors were able to complete onsite inspections verifying that developments were in accordance with the Building Code and that work could safely continue,” said director of building Ezio Savini. “With their dedication, 98 per cent of inspections and building permits issued, met our pre-COVID review timelines. And, as a result of strict adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols and the professional actions taken during these mandatory inspections, we didn’t have a single inspector test positive for COVID-19.”

Streamlined online services were especially important during COVID-19 restrictions. Some of the ongoing supports include:

For more information about building permits and the growth forecast in Mississauga,  visit the Planning Information Hub.


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