Women in Construction: Lori Goldberg discovers construction law insights and opportunities


GTA Construction Report Special Feature

Lori Goldberg brings her unique education to her challenges as an associate lawyer with Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber (GSNH) LLP. She applies her degree in the history of science and technology and more than four years specializing in construction and commercial litigation.

“I was first introduced to construction law as a summer and articling student,” she said. “I had been working for a sole practitioner who did a variety of solicitor and general litigation work and I tended to gravitate towards his construction related files.”

After she was called to the bar, Goldberg knew she wanted to focus on construction law and began to seek out firms and other opportunities focusing and specializing in that area.

She says she has never been discouraged about her pursuit of construction law and in fact, she says most of the construction law associates she has met over the past four years have been female. Despite that, she says the experiences of men and women in the industry still differ.

“For example, most of my male colleagues have never been told by a client or opposing counsel, how surprised that client or opposing counsel is that they are able to discuss certain aspects of work on a project with precision and in significant technical detail,” she said. “Unfortunately, this appears to be something that all women face regardless of industry, experience, and job title.”

Goldberg says in her career she is always learning, constantly exposed to new people, ideas, and technologies. No two days are ever the same, resulting in enjoyable and rewarding challenges. “My greatest challenge is to constantly push myself to take on projects that are outside of my comfort zone. It’s a scary thing to do, but the rewards are often immeasurable.”

She says this is a career she would definitely recommend to other women because the work is varied and interesting, there are countless learning opportunities, and you can meet “amazing people, with knowledge, experiences, and insights that you may have never otherwise encountered.”

She also says it is important to recognize there is often more than one path to achieving your goals and you should seek the path that is right for you.

Goldberg practices at GSNH alongside Catherine Wilson, a 2014 TCA (Toronto Construction Association) Woman in Construction.



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