TCA awards Hilti core bit with Best of Best Innovation Award

Renderings - X-CM DD-BI 430 mm Wet

The Toronto Construction Association (TCA) has awarded the 2015 “Best of the Best” Innovation Award to Hilti Canada for the company’s X-Change Module (X-CM) core bit.

“The Hilti X-Change Module is a breakthrough solution that splits the core bit in two parts (segmented ring and barrel). The ring can be easily removed and exchanged using a screwdriver, yet it provides maximum stability while drilling,” Hilti said in a news release.

The news release says the system addresses three major customer difficulties:

  1. Downtime from worn-out bits?: X –Change module allows re-tipping on the spot
  2. Inventory of bits: X-Change module provides space and weight savings
  3. Stuck core bits and cores: X-Change module provides an easy way out of stuck situations.

TCA’s Innovation Award is given annually for extraordinary achievement in innovation for devising new approaches to improve performance and create cost effective solutions.

“Innovation is at the core of what we do,” Hilti Canada general manager Avi Kahn said in a statement.“Solutions like our new X-Change module revolutionize the way things are done and bring significant productivity to our customers.”

tca award
Toronto Construction Association (TCA) representatives present the 2015 “Best of the Best” Innovation Award to Hilti (Canada) Corp. From right to left: Martina McIsaac (Hilti), John Mollenhauer (TCA), Eric Pelve (Hilti), and Romeo Milano (TCA).


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