More money means more opportunities for kids to play summer ball hockey this year, thanks to some great local groups working together


St.Catharines Kidz Can Help met with KidSport Niagara and to present $150 to help make ball hockey more accessible to children across Niagara.

In 2012 Kidz Can Help agreed to sponsor KidSport Niagara for 10 years with $150 that would be used towards giving kids a chance to play ball hockey every summer. Now in the second year of the agreement, has offered to become a partner and match the sponsorship for 2013.

“Last year with the launch of the 10 year agreement with Kidz Can Help of a $150 sponsorship for summer ball hockey I was excited by what Ethan and Noah wanted to do. This year with as a new partner to match the donation we will be able to help even more kids,” said President of KidSport Niagara Perry Hartwick. “The $300 will be used to fund local kids who need financial assistance to play organized sports and have a positive impact on their lives.”

Sara Krug Executive Director for and Growing Up Through Sports (GUTS) a Not For Profit Corporation, got to meet Ethan and Noah last spring when they helped her kick off an equipment drive for her summer camp programs.  Working together over the past year she found out about the sponsorship with KidSport and thought it was a great initiative.

“The boys had dropped off another donation of equipment just before we opened the new Athletic Centre and from speaking with their father Jason he had told me about the 10 year sponsorship with KidSport Niagara and he wanted to know if we had any kids who needed support, “ said Krug. “After a few conversations with the team at we had decided to match their donation for 2013 and support a great cause!”

Ethan and Noah prepared to make the presentation of the $150 this year a bit more special by sorting out 19 brand new ball hockey sticks and enough shin pads, gloves and elbow pads for almost 20 kids.

“When I met with Sara she told us how at one of the first summer camps they did some kids had showed up with no equipment at all, I wanted to make sure this year they did,” said Ethan.

Over the next few weeks Krug will have KidSport Niagara applications available for pick up at the Athletic Centre located at 16 Melbourne in St.Catharines for pick up. You can also go online at

If you would like to help support the summer ball hockey programs with sponsorship or donating equipment contact Kidz Can Help at or call 905-228-1151.


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