Mississauga updates construction projects in real time


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Mississauga’s October housing update dashboard is now available with new information on development approvals, building permits, construction starts and completions.

“We’re committed to sharing housing data as we work to grow Mississauga,” officials said when the new dashboard was launched.

Housing is a top priority for Mississauga. Growing Mississauga: An Action Plan for New Housing will help us get more homes built, streamline building approvals and make homes more affordable.

An action plan for new housing outlines five goals and 23 actions for the next four years and identifies the need for private sector and government support.

The plan replaces previous housing strategies that set Mississauga up to meet the province’s 2051 growth target, improved housing affordability, streamlined approval processes and led to the issuance of a record number of building permits in 2022.

The Province of Ontario has set a goal of building 1.5 million homes over the next decade. To meet this, municipal housing targets have been issued to cities across Ontario. Mississauga’s housing target is 120,000 new units – the same number of new homes in 10 years that the city was originally planning to build over 30 years. That’s like adding the population of Guelph or Waterloo to our city in 10 years.


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