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GAL Power Ltd.’s acquisition of L.M. Temperature Control Inc. has strengthened the position of the joint company to contribute to and support the energy resilience of businesses throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Faced with rising demand and aging infrastructure, Canadian utilities are spending millions of dollars to ensure Canadian cities have a reliable power system that can withstand extreme weather conditions, natural disasters or human errors. But observers warn that work under way in North America to improve power reliability isn’t addressing all of the most critical problems.

The variability and intensity of extreme weather events is changing more rapidly than anticipated. Add to this the aging infrastructure in Ontario and continued growth throughout the province, says GAL national director of marketing Baseem Bashir, and you have a recipe for disaster. This, he says, is where GAL and LM Temperature come in.

He says resiliency is defined as the ability to withstand or recover faster. “Together our companies help businesses achieve better energy resilience. We provide generators that help businesses maintain and sustain operations and temperature control systems that ensure a supportive working environment.”

GAL Power and L.M. Temperate offers products ranging from air conditioners and cooling towers to heaters, transformers and humidifiers to multi megawatt power generators. Bashir says together the companies combine to offer clients more broad range of products and services backed by great team of professionals.

He says GAL and LMTC offer both new and rental generators – “in essence all the necessary products and services to support contingency plans to ensure businesses are not dependent only on the grid.”

“The frequency and magnitude of natural disasters and resulting black outs and brown outs are growing every year” he said. “According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, insurance payouts due to property damage caused by severe weather have doubled every five to 10 years since the 1980s. For that reason, for many businesses, the ability to manage its own systems is becoming more critical.”

He says the company provides back up to hospitals, data centres, critical infrastructure, events, schools, and factories…anyone who has a requirement for emergency power. Noting the company works with large clients including Dofasco, and CBRE he says no project is too large.

The company’s offerings include sales and rentals, service including upgrades and preventative maintenance and fuel system design and installation.

Bashir says having a customer-focused approach means the company uses its many locations to do what needs to be done to serve the customer. Rather than looking at strictly the bottom dollar, he says the focus is on whatever will best meet the urgent needs of clients.

The company is also focused to supporting the communities in which it works in other ways and supports charitable organizations including the Ottawa Hospital Foundation, The Children’s Charity and the Make A Wish Foundation.

GAL Power uses DataBid as an opportunity to introduce themselves to new opportunities and to become early project partners. “We can help projects identify their long term needs, education them on the requirement for contingency plans and ensure they are ready to respond if something happens.”

This he says is all part of GAL’s goal of making cities and communities more nimble and proactive.

Since its beginnings in 1985 Gal Power has grown to be a leading supplier of standby power generators. Over the years it has grown, through acquisition and expansion, to seven locations across Ontario and Quebec and a staff of more than 200.

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