Publishers Viewpoint March 2013


By Chase

The third annual Construction Night in Niagara with the Niagara Ice Dogs on Marc 14, a great networking event for the Niagara Construction Association (NCA) also served as my first official role as a NCA board member.

Originally launched in 2011 as a proposed joint venture between the Niagara Home Builders Association (NHBA) and the NCA the event went well with great support from the NHBA but only four tickets from the NCA. As part of the night was a proposed “Shoot Out Series” between the two associations, the NHBA ended up putting both teams on the ice. Now the event is fully run by the NCA; however, I hope to find new ways for the two associations in St.Catharines to work together again.

This year the event has been co-ordinated with Big Brothers Big Sisters of St.Catharines – Thorold and District and we sold more than 125 tickets and raised $500 for the group. The combination of networking and helping out a local community group seems to have been the tipping point to make the event a successful one.

Next up I am working on re-launching the Niagara Construction Association Young Leaders vs. Hamilton Construction Association Young Leaders Paintball Tournament. Launched five years ago, the event was held once with the NCA winning the event and we have been displaying the trophy at the association office. I proposed to the HHCA Young Leaders Committee a relationship with a local charity that operates out of both cities where the winning team this year would see all proceeds donated to the charity of the winning city. I have lined up the event location, whose owners have donated a $300-value prize. We are now waiting for a mid to late May date to be confirmed by both associations.

What type of industry networking events do you like to attend? What do you think makes them successful? Provide your insights and let me know when your events are being held and I will provide coverage in an upcoming issue.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group as well as the associate publisher for the GTA Construction Report, Ontario Construction Report and the Canadian Design and Construction Report.  These publications reach more 75,000 readers across Ontario and Canada.

            Chase served on the Barrie Construction Association board of directors for four years. He currently sits on the Niagara Construction Association (NCA)board and also serves as chair of the NCA Young Leaders Committee. If you have any recommendations or suggestions on changes you would like to make for the publication please contact him at 905-228-1151 by email  or visit us online at


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