Publishers Viewpoint Feb 2014


By Chase

This month I took my efforts to be involved with my community outside of work to a whole new level. I have joined both the board of the local Niagara region football association and the hockey association where my eldest son Ethan plays. You. like my wife, probably have a few questions such as: “Why do you want to volunteer?”  and “How much time will it take?”

The “why” part is easy to answer when I look at the time and effort I have put into first the Barrie Construction Association and most recently the Niagara Construction Association and the resulting positive aspects.  In both I was able to create relationships with construction industry leaders and gained new knowledge to help me do my job more effectively. I get to participate on committees that appeal to my own personal interests and abilities ranging from public relations and marketing, event planning and fundraising. The construction association committees line up with the areas I see developing with both the football and hockey associations. As well, I am able to influence, change and organize events that my kids can experience.

When you volunteer for things that you are good at and enjoy it is not like you are really working. This addresses the “How much time” question. When you volunteer for associations relevant to your kids, you have the added drive to make things better for them. The real time I have invested so far is a couple of hours at football association meetings and volunteering one morning to help organize the upcoming season’s registration. Some of my ideas to help out with the game’s promotion to new families, once established this year, will become a solid base for me for next year and beyond. Similarly, with the hockey association, we’ll develop a plan to build upon so others can take charge in the future.

The most important thing to note is I am doing this without the expectation of generating new business or revenue for my career. Rather, I’m providing more opportunities to the community’s kids, including mine. I know that at some point I will be able to connect with people in the construction industry and my volunteer work just provides me a reason to get to know them outside of the office.

Chase is the director of marketing and client relations for the Construction News and Report Group and is associate publisher for the GTA Construction Report, Ontario Construction Report and the Canadian Design and Construction Report. He can be reached by phone at (905) 228-1151, email or visit


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