NSI: Focusing on transportation-related emissions


GTA Construction Report staff writer

The Niagara Sustainability Initiative focused on transportation-related emissions at its second educational event of the 2014-15 season.

Guest speakers Norm Sneyd, vice-president of business development at Bison Transport discussed the company’s Fuel Management Program and Adam Arnold, senior program specialist with Urban Trans explored alternatives and active transportation among employees at the Nov. 5 White Oaks Resort & Spa gathering.

NSI executive director Katrina Kroeze says some members of NSI’s Carbon Project are already incorporating transportation programs within their organizations and she hoped others would be inspired by this event.

“These programs have the ability to have far reaching environmental, economic, and social and community benefits,” she said. “There is a lot of research supporting the idea that reduced emissions and greater transportation efficiency lead to improved quality of life, health and sustainability of the transportation system.”

Driving-related emissions contribute approximately 23 per cent of many businesses’ carbon footprint. “Managing transportation needs through focusing on how you can harness existing resources helps to better reduce transportation emissions,” Kroeze said. “Although initially these sorts of initiatives may seem like extra work, at the end of the day, managing and mitigating transportation emissions are good for business and the environment.”


Non-profit NSI focuses on improving environmental and economic performance in the Niagara Region. Among its initiatives, NSI runs educational events throughout the year to engage partners and community members in environmental sustainability principles and practices.

For more information, visit http://niagarasustainability.org.


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