Niagara Construction Association’s One Day Pay allows potential new members to set their own introductory dues


GTA Construction Report staff writer

Niagara Construction Association (NCA)’s One Day Pay event is a no-risk opportunity for potential members to get a feel for what the association is all about, take advantage of the resources and examine the benefits.

Karin Sheldrick, NCA’s chief operating officer says the program, initiated three years ago, is part of an initiative to support a membership that had been staying the course, but not growing.

The program is already showing exciting results. “The first year we welcomed 32 trial members and 19 renewed. Last year we advertised a little late but still got 16 trial members with seven coming on full-time. This year we had 29 trial members.”

Described in NCA advertising as ‘pay what you can’ the event, which runs until the end of October, allows potential members to decide what they will pay for trial membership – above a $20 minimum administration fee.

“From November 1 through the end of the year these people get to take full advantage of everything we have to offer including training and drawings. Many people get their commissioning of oaths signature, something they would otherwise have to pay for, so it’s great.”

Sheldrick says there has been no negative feedback from existing members about the program. New potential members say the membership fee is an investment when they don’t know the return on investment so this is a great, no-commitment way for them to explore whether the NCA can provide value to them.

Advertised primarily through existing members and on the NCA website, Sheldrick says the program will certainly return next year. Watch for it next fall at


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