Metrolinx awards design contract for Toronto’s Davenport Diamond Greenway


Ontario Construction News staff writer

Metrolinx says Brown and Storey Architects Inc. has been awarded the design contract for the Davenport Diamond Greenway project, including design in the area located northwest of downtown Toronto.

Before construction can begin experts must develop a detailed design. The project will include a multi-use path, extensive landscaping and public gathering places.

“It’s an important phase for the development of the new public space that will be created below the raised Davenport Diamond Guideway project,” Teresa Ko wrote in the MetroLinx blog.

“The Davenport Diamond, located on the rail intersection where the Barrie GO corridor meets the CP tracks, is one of the busiest intersections in North America. To help solve the congestion problem, and meet promised two-way all-day GO service, a guideway is being built above the CP line.”

The greenway project was procured separately from the guideway, which is currently under construction to allow for greater control over the design process. Metrolinx is using a procurement model that ensures that the final design is realized when constructed.

According to Metrolinx, Brown and Storey won the contract because the project “needed a specialist with experience in municipal and community stakeholder engagement to help advance this project through the design stage.”

This next phase of the greenway project will build on over five years of public consultation that began with the Resident’s Reference Panel in 2015. The design that will be developed in detail will be consistent with the input received to date from community groups and municipal stakeholders.

“Community consultations were vital to setting up the greenway design for success,” said John Potter, Metrolinx manger, design division. “We wanted the design to reflect the community’s needs, while ensuring it follows a practical and sustainable framework that will create valuable spaces for future generations to enjoy.”

Public elements that will be included in the scope of the greenway:

  • A linear park adjacent to the multi-use trail and under the elevated guideway to reconnect several areas on the east and west side of the rail corridor
  • A fully accessible multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A sustainable approach to landscape and plantings
  • Pollinating gardens
  • Gathering spaces for the community

Construction of the greenway will not begin until the guideway is complete in winter 2022.


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