Community News – January 2013: WoodWorks! recognizes achievements


This past year the Wood WORKS! awards program celebrated its twelfth year at the beautiful Old Mill in Toronto, Ontario. The awards recognize people and organizations that have highlighted the natural resources in their designs and construction projects.   Ontario Wood WORKS! executive director Marianne Berube says that “it is our privilege to celebrate some of the best of these buildings each year through the awards program.”


1. Tembec’s  Mike Martel (left) with Claude LaFlamme from the Town of Hearst


Tembec manufactures forest products including pulp, lumber, paper and specialty cellulose. The multi-national firm has operations across North America and France, earning the Forest Stewardship Council® Certification for utilizing the foremost in responsible forest management practices. The firm works to achieve reasonable growth, provide safe workplaces and provide their customers with high value products while responsibly cultivating the forest.


2. (From left): Janice Newsome, Town of Hears;  Pierre Belanger, Straetgik Builders; Larry Gabel, Larry Gabel Electric; Sylvie Fontaine, Town of Hearst; and Roch LaPointe and Miguel Morneau from Stategik Builders.

StrategikBuilders which was founded in 2001, provides a wide array of construction, expansion and renovation services for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. The firm employs a wide array of service providers so they are intimately involved in their construction projects from inception to execution. Committed to providing the best service to their customers Strategik has worked on some very impressive projects including the Hearst Heritage Sawmill, the Hearst Green Technology Center and more.


3. Brown and Storey Architects – (From left) Kim Storey and  Robert Ouellette, Brown and Storey Architects, with Sarah Bonsall, Kulör Group

Brown and Storey Architects is a competitive and innovative architectural firm specializing in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. In addition to working on many prestigious projects, including Dundas Square, Brown and Storey Architects often creates innovative designs for many competitions including the Toronto Waterfront Competition.


4. Vernon Crawford (left) with Jason Koivisto from the Ministry of Natural Resources

 The Ministry of Natural Resources works to promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems, conserving biodiversity. The ministry conducts scientific research which can help revolutionize many industries, in addition to managing the Crown’s land and advocating the importance of conservation and economic opportunities within the resource sectors.


5. Brook McIlroy – Rajko Jakovic, Brook McIlroy with Cory Zurell, Blackwell Bowick

Brook McIlroy is an award-winning architecture, urban design and landscape architecture and planning firm with multiple offices in Ontario. The firm tackles large-scale urban visions as well as detailed building designs. Brook McIlroy works to create great cities, communities and more whether they are working on a large scale planning project, or designing a piece of a larger picture. A collaborative firm, they work with clients, co-consultants and stakeholders to deliver successful project with true vision.


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