DataBid client profile: DeMelo’s Construction Equipment Ltd. leads with rough terrain equipment and bricklaying accessories

databid client profile

Toronto-based DeMelo Construction Equipment Ltd. (DCE) has developed a reputation for providing high quality rough terrain equipment and bricklaying accessories. Combined with a repair service fleet and the ability to manufacture custom equipment, the company solves many of its clients’ challenges.

Sherry DeMelo, whose parents and uncle established the company in 1988, says the team initially intended to be a forklift manufacturer. The recession and challenges within the industry kept them busy in other ways, forming relationships and manufacturing mortar mixers and supplies for the bricklaying industry. “Nearing the end of the 90’s the industry had improved and the Melo Lift Iguana was ready for our customers. This was a straight mast forklift engineered by my father and assembled in house.”

According to the company’s website, DCE was created from “hands on” experience and an awareness that features that could save time and make operation easier were missing from many of the products available on the market.

She says DeMelo’s Construction Equipment Ltd. also contracted with Carelift to be a dealer for its telescopic boom lifts for Ontario. Though DCE still manufactures new machines on demand, the businesses goals and focus shifted. “We developed a very large rental fleet of our Carelift Zoom Booms for telescopic needs and our Melo Lift Iguana among other brands for straight mast needs.”

She says today the company has sustained its success and grown in the world of rental equipment with a strong repair fleet, while providing other materials and equipment for bricklayers and masonry trades such as scaffolding and mortar mixers. DeMelo’s Construction Equipment also serves trades like electricians or “anyone who has to bring materials up to 56 ft.”

DCE became a DataBid client about two years ago and uses its search and reference capabilities to identify clients and projects. For more information, visit


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