Community News – April 2014

  1. Theresa Dudziak (guest),

Altius Architecture Inc. – Trevor McIvor, Nicole McDonald, Steve Choe, Crystal Orchard, Doug Orchard

Altius Architecture Inc. was established in 1998 by three founding partners

Established in 1998 by three founding partners who noticed that no other firms embraced a team-centric approach to architecture products and builds; Altius Architecture Inc. subscribes to the philosophy that the architect is the central figure in the process of building. Today the firm focuses on the residential market creating contemporary designs that emphasizes craftsmanship, sustainability and thoughtful interiors. The firm has received many awards including the WoodWorks! Architect Wood Advocate Award, Green Toronto: Environmental Award of Excellence (Category: Green Design and the OAA Architecture Excellence Award.



  1. Dynamic Forest Products – Dan Joerges

Dynamic Forest Products is a leading distributer of pressure treated lumber and building products across Canada. With a wide selection of products ranging from framing lumber to plywood andcomposite decking. Over the past 13 years the Dynamic Forest Products has grown throughout Canada with five offices in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.


  1. Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada – Carlo DeFrancesco

Guest – Angela DeFreancesco

The Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Assocation of Canada (AWMAC) is a national non-profit professional association that is committed to partnering, collaborating and communicating on behalf of its members and the industry as a whole. AWMAC seeks to partner with other associations to define and improve woodworking standards; collaborate with educational institutions to enhance apprenticeships and technical programs; and communicate new and innovative woodwork methods and materials to governments, industry, design firms and associations.


  1. Tembec – Paul Krabbe

Woodworks Awards – Andre Berube

Tembec manufactures forest products including lumber, paper and specialty cellulose pulp across North America and France. With over 3,500 employees and annual sales of over $1.6 billion the firm sets global standards for sustainable forest management practices. Tembec has earned the Forest Stewardship Council® (FCS®) certification for all of the organization’s directly managed forests which consists of almost 10 million hectares of Canadian forestlands.


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