Climate Control Systems Inc. provides specialized greenhouse management systems for Vineland project

Greenhouse automation

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Leamington-based Climate Control Systems Inc. has manufactured Greenhouse Automation Systems for climate management, Fertigation management, and ozone water treatment systems since 1985 and has provided its expertise to the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre project.

CEO Eric Labbate says his company designed and built the Fertigation Manager, a computerized fertilizer injector system, and an ozone water treatment system for greenhouse recycled water for the project. “We are one of the few companies who were able to meet the specific requirements for the project and, as this is our area of expertise, we were a natural fit.”

Labbate says the trademarked Fertigation Manager software program will allow Vineland to create multiple fertilizer recipes from one set of central fertilizer stock tanks.

Climate Control Systems has also supplied the ozone water treatment system to greenhouse growers around the world. “Our control systems have been sold and exported to many countries including the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Africa, China, Japan, Korea, the Caribbean and Central America.”

Once the greenhouse is operational, Labbate says his company can provide technical support to the researchers and new software programs to support their efforts.

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