Aquicon works to resolve leaking challenges at Niagara Falls’ Gale Centre


GTA Construction Report staff writer

Aquicon Construction is working with Niagara Falls’ municipal government to resolve issues that caused the temporary shut-down of the $38 million four-pad Gale Centre ice facility three years after it opened.

Hamilton-based Mattina Mechanical Ltd. has completed an estimated $150,000 in repairs to leaks in 2,600 ft. of heat pump piping and 2,000 ft. of heating water piping. These are part of the complex’s glycol system to provide heating, cooling and ice surface refrigeration. There were also leaks in public spaces, corridors, utility rooms and mechanical areas.

A second maintenance phase includes other improvements to achieve an annual utility savings estimated at around $87,000 annually.

Aquicon vice-president Daniel Aquino told local media that if the leaks arose because of a “clear construction deficiency,” the company would take responsibility.  Aquino offered to work side by side with Crossley Engineering Ltd., the third-party company that discovered the repairs were needed, to get to the source of the issue.

“We feel the initial report was rushed,” Aquino said. “We know for sure there are a lot of maintenance issues, but I don’t think a lot of it is contractor-related.” He said if they were, his company would fix them at no extra cost.

Kathy Moldenhauer, the city’s director of recreation and culture, said: “With Aquicon, we are very happy with the work they did on the MacBain Community Centre and we are using them for the new bus facility. We are very confident we’ll have a great building there too.”

The Gale Centre has been reopened as the assessment continues.


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