About the story . . .


Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) president Clive Thurston suggested this story, reporting on members’ increasing concerns with third-party verification services.

We risked setting off spam filters by emailing an invitation for comment about the topic to a diversity of contractors and industry suppliers throughout Ontario.  The response: A surprising number of impassioned emails, phone calls, and letters.

You can see one of these letters, which clearly expresses the concerns of the other callers and writers, from Gayle Suderman, director, human resources and safety at The Chant Group in Aurora, in York Region near Toronto, in Ontario Construction Report (delivered with this issue of GTA Construction Report) or at www.ontarioconstructionreport.com.

We also reached out to ISN, and ISN Canada director Kim Ritchie responded with observations and information about the company’s services.  She advises that “additional information about ISN, including testimonials and case studies, can be found on the ISN home page, www.isn.com.”


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