DataBid Construction Leads Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides Construction Leads and Project Information to Toronto area of
Ontario Canada. is the preeminent game changer for any commercial construction company looking to increase their workload while reducing the overhead required to do so. DataBid covers some of the most active counties in the Toronto area. DataBid provides secure online resources that allow industry professionals such as; General Contractors, Subcontractorsand Material Suppliers, to manage and access accurate critical project information early.

DataBid’s Public Reporting Team

DataBid contacts all of the Towns, Municipalities, Cities, School Boards, Universities, Public Libraries, Government Agencies, Conservation Authorities, M.T.O., Transportation Agencies, Housing Authorities, Emergency Agencies, as well As Key Engineers & Architects. DataBid will scour hundreds of websites multiple times every day looking for commercial construction projects. DataBid will weed through irrelevant tenders to the commercial construction professional.

Getting Complete Project Details

In most cases you will see more information on a project in the DataBid site then you would if you got it directly from the owner. DataBid will continually follow up on all projects to see if there are any updates including; Bid Date, Pre-Bid Date Change, Additional Bidders, Results, or Awards.

DataBid’s Private Reporting Team

The DataBid private reporting department calls on nearly every single owner, architect, engineer, & G.C. in southern Ontario to confirm what they have in the works.  DataBid will seek out office buildings, restaurants, strip-centers, and big box projects.

Email Alerts

Get instant notification on only the types of projects you want to see. DataBid will automatically email you when any of the projects you are
currently tracking get updated.

Project Concierge

Call DataBid anytime you have a question about a company or project you cannot find, they will make multiple attempts to find you what you need.


DataBid subscribers enjoy having a complete list of prequalified general contractors on many of the projects that DataBid reports on. This ensures a DataBid subscriber gets their bid to the winning GC more often, increasing their odds of landing the contract.

DataBid works to get you the information you need early, on time, and accurately so you can focus on growing your business and staying two steps ahead of the competition. Trust your project acquisition with DataBid, having accurate information is the difference between winning and losing. Timely Accurate Project Information….DataBid.

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